Giselle Dahm

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 BA student graphic design Arnhem
 From Frankfurt/Germany, currently based in  Arnhem/Netherlands.

 Focused on printed matter and type  initiated/related  projects.

 ︎︎︎ Joris Kritis /2022


Giel Bonte and Leon met early in 2022, after that the both of them spent time together, allowing Giel to meet his brother and get to know them better. Documenting and shedding light to a life and person that others look away from.

Shortly after the finish of the book Leon has been incarcerated, so he has not yet been able to see what his welcoming and trust have been able to create.
TYPEFACE: Fira Sans, Abril Display
PAPER: Kasaka 80g, Girasan 60g
PRINT: ArtEZ CanonUpstairs, Laser vinyl
BINDING: Japanese Fold, Swiss Bind
SIZE: 148*190mm


And I heard 'em say, nothing is ever promised tomorrow today. But we’ll find a way.

Phonotype was created to assist the ‘Streams’ publication of 12/21. Focusing on the vowel that gives each spoken word its real sound. Making the visual fit the vocal.


Redesigned guide on herbal medication in the U.S. and their culture, harvesting, cultivation and so on. Originally written by W.W.Stockberger in 1915. Approaching an organic design direction reflecting the content of the book visually.
TYPEFACE: Chakra Petch, Fira Sans
PAPER: Munken 90g, Munken 300g
PRINT: ArtEZ CanonUpstairs, Loop Colors Fluorescent Green (spraypaint)
SIZE: 297*420mm


Concerning the streams of the most listened songs of the past year (2021). Creating a pattern based on the amount of streams for every song, therefore focusing on the data rather than the artist. The song title and artist are hidden in the inside of the japanese fold, creating a sort of dimension to the depth of each page.
TYPEFACE: Phonotype, Acumin Variable Concept
PAPER: Munken 60g, ColorCopy Orange 60g
PRINT: ArtEZ CanonUpstairs
BINDING: Swiss Bind, Japanese Fold
SIZE: 170*210*37mm


The three part series, 'Analogue Animation' dives into the framerate of a simple flipbook. Ranging from 0 to 5 to 10 frames. Playing with the speed and connection of the human eye with the brain, by using a java coded terrain.
TYPEFACE: Source Sans Variable
PAPER: Recyclo 60g, Recyclo 130g
PRINT: ArtEZ CanonUpstairs
SIZE: 105*148mm


i´m in the kitchen,
i´m cooking and mixing and fixing the sauces and i´ll call you back.

Inspired by 1998s 'Zapfino', this typeface is a modernisation of the traditional calligraphy. Trying to give it a certain slick effect with the shortening of the lines, yet keeping the smooth soul of the curves. Design to assist the song ‘I’ll call you back’ on the album ‘But You Caint Use My Phone’, by soul singer Erykah Badu.
Under Construction


Redesigned song visual ‘I’ll call you back’ by soul singer Erykah Badu. Inspired by the over flowing feed of a phone nowadays, supported by a custom designed typeface ‘Badu’. Print(A2) and animation(Phone-screen size).
PAPER: Bindacote 130g
PRINT: ArtEZ Laserjet
SIZE: 420*594mm


Emotional Type is a type manual for graphic designers and people interested in typography, to understand how a certain typeface can potentially help underline the emotions of the words. The reader learns what parts of a typeface can be altered to strengthen the perception of a certain feeling. The application of emotions on type is split up in three chapters in the manual, whereby a specially designed ‘Emotional Type' specimen is included with 3 ‘emotional’ typefaces. With this specimen the user is able to express different emotions within a typed text and it is up to them to decide what they convey.
TYPEFACE: Abril Displa, Kohinoor Telugu, Director
PAPER: FluoOranje 100, Munken lynx 80g, Fluorod Spraypaint
PRINT: ArtEZ CanonUpstairs
SIZE: 100*200mm, 100*150mm





Giselle Dahm

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 BA graduate graphic design ArtEZ Arnhem
 Based in Frankfurt/Germany.

 Focused on editorial design 
 and type initiated/related projects.

 ︎︎︎ Joris Kritis /2022

 ︎︎︎ Dutch Design Week 10/2023